Secret Recruit specialise in successful recruitment, providing a high quality of staff and personal solutions for all varieties of employment. Secret Recruit provides a first class service and intense interview and testing programme which allow us to collect the best candidates for the best positions available in the UK today.

Secret Recruit has years of experience in the job market industry and with this knowledge it has allowed us to be able to understand, motivate and maximise the best out of our candidates for all our employees.

Support, motivation and understanding is key in the job market today and with the support and managing of Secret Recruit you can rest assure that your employment nightmares and frustrations will be a thing of the past.

Secret Recruit offers job analysis and the developing of a person specification. We offer the full sourcing of candidates by advertising and networking.  We match the correct candidates to the most suitable positions using our own in house DBMS System and recruitment experience.  Secret Recruit offers a full skill and personality testing and thorough screening of all our job seeking individuals. We offer motivational courses and a full personal support service to all our clients and job seekers.

Secret Recruit offers a lot more than the average recruitment agency, with our strong back ground and experience in the job market industry we know what our clients are looking for and how to manage and motivate all our job seekers to obtain their ideal employment

Secret Recruit was formed by two individuals who had many years of experience in the job market industry and who had never been fully satisfied with any recruitment agency that they had come across.

Recruitment is a personal service and there are far too many occasions that a recruitment consultant will get you in and throw you straight at the first job opportunity they have solely to fill their pockets.

Secret Recruit offers, support and motivation and training for all our job seekers. We assess the correct candidate for the correct position and by doing so this has given us a very high success rate, great relationships with our job seekers and clients and the motivation to continue to be one of the best and most personal recruitment service out there today.



About Your Data

We only keep successful candidates data on file which is not shared with any other third party except the direct employer themselves. All other data is removed and deleted within 3 working days of application, We always comply with the data protection act.

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